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Nickel Plating


One Stop Nickel Plating

We are now doing full nickel plating inside and outside of any steel motorcycle fuel tank.


This is a ONE STOP SHOP for a permanent fix to all those RUST, OLD AND NEW LINERS BREAKING DOWN and ethanol in the modern fuel causing moisture and other issues within your old or modern fuel tank.

What Is Nickel Plating?

Our Nickel plating will provide a corrosion resistant surface, a wear resistance surface and will add a fuel proof barrier to the inside of your fuel tank. The plating is used for off shore components and will give long life without breaking down under heated or cold conditions.

Coming Soon

We will be able to nickel plate the inside of your painted fuel tank without damaging the external paint. All prep for this will be done bye us to make sure you get your tank back as it was but nickel plated inside….see pictures below of tanks done with the nickel plate.


We are able to do all the preparation work for the nickel plating process. Please call for further details and information about our nickel plating process.

All of our customers who previously had zinc phosphate inside their tanks will get the opportunity to upgrade to the nickel plate soon as our new machine is here.


This will be early 2024. Stay tuned for the update on the machines progress.

Photo's Of Nickel Plating

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